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ARIN relies on a community-driven, open, and transparent policy development process to regulate how it manages the distribution of Internet number resources. There are a wide variety of opportunities to get involved and take part, whether you are interested in Internet Governance, ARIN policy development, or shaping the way ARIN serves its community.

Mailing Lists

ARIN manages several public mailing lists and the ARIN Discussion mailing list for its members. You can also subscribe to receive RSS feeds of announcements and policy discussions.


ARIN holds biannual Public Policy and Members Meetings in the second and fourth quarters in various locations throughout the ARIN region. Find out about upcoming meetings, the ARIN Fellowship Program, sponsorship opportunities, and view meeting archives.


The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process (ACSP) enables communications in an organized, deliberate, and transparent manner, while providing a feedback mechanism to allow ARIN to gauge community and member opinion on specific issues. Mailing lists and archives relating to the ACSP can also be accessed.


ARIN Election Headquarters provides access to all the information and forms needed to participate in ARIN's election process.

Internet Governance

ARIN is an active participant in Internet governance. ARIN participates in Internet Governance activities through involvement in many international organizations and multi-stakeholder forums.

Technical Community

ARIN is part of the Internet technical community, working closely with organizations like the IETF and NANOG. ARIN staff members participate in these community meetings throughout the year.

Policy Development

The ARIN Policy Development Process is the process by which all policies governing the management of Internet number resources in the ARIN region are developed. Learn how you can participate in this community-driven process.

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